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Indulge in that feeling. Chase the dragon of nostalgia, there’s no better feeling. Absorb that mystic brand of serotonin, generic deja vu. Don’t fall out of feeling, lose yourself in that moment where a Smell can be as powerful as amphetamines. Cry a little and be possessed by wonder and infatuation. The opiates of the empty. Find that thing that takes you back and indulge until you can’t tell the difference between reality and that one dream you had when you were four. Fall in love with your chemicals and feel. feel lost and fuzzy. Hear seagulls and see that one family party. Let your chest ache. Stay lost. Be perfectly content in the void of nostalgia and live there. Smell that grass. Picture that person who never really existed. Stay lost, god damn it.


Gorillaz | To Binge


The Bus | Paul Kirchner | Via

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